Many of the clients I see are looking for a skilful and firm approach to massage that actually 'does something’  

“If you're looking for a luxurious spa with whale music, soft fluffy towels and therapists who offer many treatments, but specialise in none, then Nico's massage therapy is probably not for you! If however, you’re looking for a highly skilled and experienced therapist then you are certainly in the right place! Nico works with his clients to gain relief from stress, back pain, shoulder and neck tension and headaches.”

deep tissue massage
Nico is the best massage therapist in NW1, I highly recommend him
— David Gibson, leading Osteopath

Sports Massage

These treatments are specifically serving your needs in relation to sporting or physical activities like yoga, running or dance. The body LOVES and needs too move and be active, but this can often be accompanied by increased muscle aches due to the buildup of metabolic wastes in the tissue. Sports massage treatments aim to:

  • Improve bio-mechanics and function
  • Improve exercise recovery
  • Help unwind hard working muscles
back massage
I have received treatments from nico which have been insightful, sensitive and invaluable to me as a yoga teacher
— Jean Hall, Yoga Instructor

Deep Tissue Massage / Myofascial Release

Deep Tissue massage is different from normal ‘high street or spa massage therapy and is influenced by Nico’s training in Rolfing® Structural Integration. This deep, powerful bodywork aims to restore pliability and flexibility to chronically contracted areas of your body. While the work is at times quite intense Nico is always working 'with' your body and not 'on' or 'against' it, meaning your limits are always respected.

myofascial release
I used to have massive shoulder problems after an operation. I was told again and again that the chronic pain would probably stay with me. But after only a few months of regular treatments Nico managed to stabilise the joint and it is fully functioning now again.
— AD, London