Expert Massage therapist & Rolfer®

Nico is one of London’s most talented bodyworkers, trained to a high standard with an intuitive, unique and effective approach. He has a large high profile client base and brings skill, sensitivity and care to his massage therapy sessions. He is one of only a handful of therapists to practice Rolfing® Structural Integration in the UK.

Nico is also the co-founder of the international dance craze ‘Morning Gloryville’ a unique concept healthy ‘breakfast rave’. He trained in massage & Rolfing following a background in contemporary dance and movement studies.

“I have extensive training in massage therapy, movement, yoga and contemporary dance all of which have greatly contributed to my understanding of how the body works and how it gets stuck. I believe in working with a combination of intuition and technical know-how to get the best results.



He has a lovely manner, kind a professional, and makes you feel very comfortable.
— Maria
massge therapist

Primrose Hill Massage FAQ

Massage Consultation

Sessions start with a consultation where i will ask questions about your general health, medical history, and discuss any specific problems or questions you are hoping to improve through bodywork.


What to wear for massage treatments?

Sessions are typically given in your underwear, so please pick appropriately to ensure your modesty and comfort when working with movement and stretching techniques (sports bra and shorts for women and boxers for men are ideal).


Do treatments hurt?

Deep Tissue techniques are strong and compressive in order to release tight contractions in your muscles and connective tissue. For this reason i work slowly and mindfully, staying within a depth that is tolerable and feels good for you. The term ‘sweet pain’ often springs to mind!